Very Long Random Thought on Trayvon Case

Trayvon Martin was shot and killed on the night of February 26, 2012. His killer, George Zimmerman, was found not guilty on July 13, 2013. In the 513 days between Trayvon’s death and Zimmerman’s acquittal, in the cities of Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Baltimore, their fellow black compatriots murdered a total of 11, 106 black people. However, swarms of black people are currently holding rallies around the nation to protest the lack of justice in the one singled out case where a half-white man shot a black teenager in what was legally ruled as self defense.

Now I call black people “black” unless maybe they were originally from fucking Africa. Charlize Theron is as white as Daenerys Targaryen’s bush but she is from South Africa; therefore she is more African-American than any black person that’s never ventured further than the parking lot of their neighborhood Walgreens. I have spent much of the past few weeks either sitting on my ass or laying on it because I keep having lower back issues, so trust me, I have thoroughly reviewed all of the ins and outs of this case. After watching the entire video of Zimmplepopper’s police interview the day after he shot Trayvon, I cannot believe that this shit ever went to trial. The Zimmdenburg told the interviewing officer that he got out of his car to follow Trayvon, he somehow lost view of Trayvon, then Trayvon came out from behind a bush in the darkness and asked, “Why the fuck you followin’ me?” Then Zimizimcocobop said he reached for his cellphone at his side, and that’s when Trayvon punched him in the face and held him down. He said that his shirt had come up a little bit and Trayvon saw the gun. So Trayvon said, “Oh you gunna die now muhfugga.” and proceeded to pummel Zimmchini’s goofy ass. It was when Trayvon persisted in the beating of Zimgipper and then began to pound Zimmlerz’ head into the ground that he managed to get his gun free and fired one shot into Trayvon’s chest. The evidence showed that the barrel was in direct contact with Trayvon’s chest when the gun was fired and that it was fired at an upward angle, suggesting that Trayvon was on top during the fight. And another big fucking ‘also’ is that the eyewitness stated Trayvon was on top during the fight, AND Zimmlingding even said that he was yelling for help before he was aware that there was any kind of 911 recording of the incident. Oh, oh, and get this. If a police officer is having their head pounded into the pavement by an assailant then they have the legal right to use deadly force, and oh, get this, if Zimmingway hadn’t shot Trayvon then Trayvon would have been charged with a crime; either assault or murder.

So what really happened was that there had been four recent robberies in the Zimbabwean’s gated community, and I’ll just let you guess the skin color of the suspects in those robberies, and when Zimperton saw a strange black kid in a hoodie wondering through his neighborhood he went to check it out. Trayvon saw some possible pervert following him, so he hid and then confronted the guy. When the supposed pervert reached for what could have been a gun, Trayvon punched him and held him down in self-defense. But when Trayvon continued to beat Zimzim’s ass, he defended himself from Trayvon. So it was a case of a wannabe thug and a wannabe cop colliding and then unnecessarily defending themselves from each other, and well, Trayvon brought Skittles to a gunfight and lost.

What really pisses me off is that the only people that have brought race into this incident are the black people involved. If you listen to the 911 call where it is claimed that Zimmpickle says, “fucking coons” under his breathe, you can clearly hear him saying, “fucking punks”. Even on a lubetube movie where some guy played the recording with diagnostics to prove that he did say “coons”, it was still obvious that he said “punks”. Some news stories said that he was being racist by calling Trayvon a punk; so calling a black guy anything other than African-American or your highness is now considered a racist remark. Trayvon referred to Zimmenstein as being a “creepy ass cracker” when he was on the phone with Rachel “The Harpoon Target” Jeantel before he died, and then he said, “oh shit, dat nigga still following.” The only racial slurs that were ever said came from the kid that was shot. And when Rachel Jeantel was asked on the stand if “creepy ass cracker” was a racial slur, she said no.

Okay, here is what I’m really bitching about. 11,106 confirmed black on black murders in a year and a half and the white man is still considered to be the one that is holding the black man down. I understand that up until fifty years ago the white people of America made it their duty to keep black citizens unequal and uneducated, and you can’t reverse that over the course of one or two generations. But at this point in time, when the president is black and Jamie Fox is going to be the villain in the next Spiderman movie, you cannot continue to blame all of your problems on inequality. For example, lets look at the prosecution’s key witness, Rachel Jeantel. She is nineteen years old, still in high school, unable to read her own letter because someone else rewrote it in cursive so it would be more legible than her own writing, and on her facebook page she lists her job as: “Mommy and daddy do work I just spend it.” The bitch speaks English and news networks had to use subtitles so the audience could tell what the fuck she was saying. And Trayvon Martin had been kicked out of school for having marijuana, he had videos of him and his friends starting fights on his cellphone along with pictures of him smoking pot and holding up handguns, and his mom had recently kicked him out of her house because she thought he was a thug. I understand that they’re teenagers and all teenagers are assholes. I think 99% of people can be labeled as being clinically retarded until the age of 25, but I and everyone else I know were working and at least trying to abide by the laws when I was that age. I know that neither Rachel nor Trayvon have any frame of reference when it comes down to slavery or being forced to use separate restrooms or sitting on the back of the bus and yet that is still used as an excuse for acting like a menace or remaining uneducated. Rachel has access to the same fucking public education as everyone else and yet I’m supposed to believe that she’s a dumbshit because she’s socially repressed?

With Al Sharpton and even Obama jumping on the blame the whites wagon, I quote Booker T. Washington when he said, “There is another class of colored people who make a business of keeping troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.” That’s coming from a man that was born into slavery and lived in a time where black men were being lynched for talking to a white woman. This is about money and politics. I don’t entirely believe that Obama was ragging on ol’ whitey when he said that he could have been Trayvon 35 years ago, but he does exert a touch of dip-shittery by talking trash about the very justice system that he reign’s over. And Al Sharpton is just an old washed up piece of shit. If a white guy gave speeches about standing up against the black people that were robbing his neighborhood then he could be tried for instigating hate crimes, but black people are allowed to hate any other race for whatever reasons they want and nothing is wrong with that. Zimmdog was found innocent in a court of law and now clogging up streets with protests in cities that had zero involvement in the case will make the legal system in Florida change to favor the black man despite evidence that clearly pointed to Trayvon’s guilt in the matter.

Okay, I’m tired and ready for bed now and that was the reason that I began typing this bullshit in the first place. But overall, it is time for black people to stop blaming others. They are killing one another at 10,000 times the rate that white Americans are killing them, and yet the evil white man is still considered to be the limiting factor in their quest for success. Oh, and saying that the justice system is unfair because one out of every fifteen black men is in the prison system is ridiculous because they are in prison for committing serious crimes, not because they stole a pie from a window. Look at the Jewish people, they were put into slavery and impoverished for centuries and now they rule the fucking world! Need breeds strength and security puts a premium on feebleness. Stop complaining about what everyone else is doing and do it yourselves.

And I also would like to protest the case of Christopher Cervini. In Greece, New York in 2009, a 240 pound 42 year old former football player named Roderick Scott shot an unarmed 140 pound 17 year old named Christopher Cervini twice, and killed him. Cervini lived one block away and was drunk, and Scott had caught him in the act of breaking into his neighbor’s car with two of his friends. Roderick Scott said that the boy had rushed him when he shot him twice but witnesses said that the boys had their hands in the air. Cervini may have been drunk that night but he was an attending high school student with good grades and no criminal history. Roderick Scott was found not guilty of manslaughter and all charges were dropped less than a year later. Roderick Scott was black and Christopher Cervini was white.

It is 88.6 degrees in my apartment right now because the flaccid assmasters upstairs turned off the air conditioner again, gas is too expensive, I feel unsafe because drunken white people are stumbling around outside on Cruise Night, but I blame the black man for these hardships. That last sentence doesn’t make any sense at all, and that’s my point.

(And the picture at the top. Yeah, they spelled “Trayvon” wrong.)

From Thursday, December 20th, 2012.


It’s Thursday and the world is supposed to end on Friday, but I am completely unafraid. I read an article today that said for every time that you indulge in alcohol or watching TV, you lose 30 minutes off of your total lifespan. After reading those statistics I did some math and discovered that I died about 142 years ago. Being that I am still alive, I believe this means that I am immortal and death cannot touch me. The weather is supposed to be fairly shitty tomorrow so I doubt that I will leave my apartment and bid all of you a friendly farewell in person, so goodbye. It sucks that all of you weak mortals have to parish at the end of the Mayan calendar, but hey, it was fun while it lasted.

Random Thought

Okay so Genesis, in the Bible, it is said that God created the universe and all that shit in six days. It also says in this same part of the Bible that day and night were separated by light and darkness. Despite saying “Let there be light!” on day one, God didn’t create the sun until day four. So how in the hell did he know how many days had passed before day four? Because there weren’t any days until the sun was created and God even said that himself beforehand, so day four would have actually been the first day. Despite how devoutly religious I am, I had to point out this one and only inconsistency that can be found in the Bible.

Random Thought

If a man rapes a hooker, he should be charged with shoplifting and not rape. The rapist didn’t introduce anything unfamiliar or traumatizing to the hooker by having sex with her, he merely stole her services without paying. Now if the man beats the hooker then he should face vandalism charges as well. Beating a hooker is uncalled for and should never be tolerated; the girl’s got to make a living and caving her face in is bad for business.

Random Thought 2

What do Eskimos think of ice cream cake? They live in igloos, so one would imagine that they would be very confused if they received an ice cream cake. They may think that it was some sort of decoration to hang on their wall or the frosting is meant to paint their house with. Overall they would be happy to receive home building supplies for their birthday but would then be perplexed by the fact that it is supposed to be eaten. It’s comparable to an American receiving a board or brick cake for their birthday. However, people that live in the hottest climates tend to enjoy the hottest and spiciest foods. So maybe Eskimos enjoy eating the coldest foods. I bet they’d love the living shit out of ice cream cake. They would probably eat dry ice if it were available to them. But they’re just stupid Eskimos, they’ll never learn how to make dry ice.

Random Thought 1

I drive a Malibu, and I named it Boo or The Boo as soon as I bought it. I name most of the objects that I hold dear; my computer goes by the name of Craig Mac. This is because it is difficult to destroy something that has a name. I’m pretty sure there is a law that says a child must have a name on their birth certificate before the parents can leave the hospital with the baby to ensure that the parents won’t kill the child either on purpose or by accident. Because who gives a shit about a baby that doesn’t even have a name? Which reminds me, if I were to ever run for President I would pass a law that extended the time a mother could have an abortion to 16 years. Some kids are real fucking scumbags and I think reminding them that they could be “aborted” up until the age of 16 would help to straighten them out.