Mousse Au Chocolat, Les Fraises, Les Biscuits Et Les Bonbons…hic…Hic!

Dear Facebook Diary,


I am in my 16th year of receiving my college education and only moments ago I nearly gave up.


College is no longer about education unless you are becoming a physician or an engineer, or a plumber. College is about teaching people how to perform a job, putting them into debt while teaching them how to perform a job, sending that person out into the world to work that job, and then the state run college collects a huge chunk of that person’s paycheck to pay off the ridiculous debt they racked up being taught how to work a job. So in a way it’s education but it’s really just another way for the mighty gubberment to collect money from its citizens. Nobody seems to notice that as our state funded businesses and mighty gubberment go deeper in debt, the so called “educational requirements” for a degree increase. This is so you rack up more debt and the gubberment gets more of your money. THANKS OBAMA!


Welp, I am all about trying to rape the system. Or more like I am all about making sure the system is lubricated as it rapes me. I have been in college for a lard-ass baker’s dozen of years and just last year they pinned a foreign language requirement onto my degree. They told me that I would have to stay an extra 2 years for 4 foreign language classes and that I would have to be fluent in a language to graduate. And my choices were French or German because I had already had a few years of Spanish in high school, which was only 15 years ago. So I lubricated the ass raping system by sneaking past this crap and enrolling in 2 intro to sign language classes.


Then, oh get this, then, the sign language teacher dropped the class on the very first day! So there’s 20 some students, myself included, that were left out with our dicks in the wind as to how we were going to graduate. So I again lubricated the system by sneaking into 2 intro to French classes.


I want to keep talking about this but I have to get on the road and drive to Denver. I mostly just wanted to state the current purpose of college and how at times I feel like I am just treading water with my life by pursuing a degree. But I’m positively giddy about taking French though because I still remember the lyrics to the song “Bifteck” and I can’t wait to sing it again. Adieu!

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