Jews Are Gonna Jew

Dear Facebook Diary,


I went out drinking with friends last night and woke up with a Hitler mustache drawn on my face (true story), but that isn’t the reason that I want to talk about the current war between Israel and the Gaza Strip. I want to talk about it because I was involved in a heated and lop-sided Facebook debate where one side was contesting that Israel was wrong for launching attacks on Palestine and I was the lone fighter in arguing as to why Israel is right to fight back. So despite the Hitler mustache I’m wearing on my face as I type this, I am in support of the Jews.



Okay, I just typed and then erased a brief but surprisingly long summary about the history of Israel and its issues with Palestine. But here’s how the current war started in July. First, three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and murdered. Then, the Israeli government blamed Palestine’s Hamas government for the kidnappings and arrested 200 or so Hamas members but soon found that they were not responsible. While those 200 or so guys were in an Israeli jail, one Palestinian teenager was kidnapped and burned alive by some random Israelis. Now the Gaza Strip has been indiscriminately firing small-armed rockets into Israel since 2001 for the purpose of harming and killing civilians, and the launching of these rockets went from 2 or 3 a day to a couple thousand in a week. So Israel said “fuck you guys” and shot some big ol’ bombs at the locations where the rockets were being fired from. It turns out that these rockets were being stored in and fired from hospitals and schools in the Gaza Strip. So Israel’s big ol’ bombs killed an assload of innocent Gaza people. There are videos of the rockets being shot from elementary school yards and just last week 3,000 missiles were found being stored in an abandoned school that was being used to house refugees in Gaza. So the Gaza Strip’s elected government, Hamas, which is not fully recognized by the rest of the world as an official government because they are a known terrorist group whose goal is to create an Islamic state, is using its own civilians as a way of protecting its own weapons.


Now I will tell you why I support Israel over the Gaza Strip/Palestine and why you should too:


Number one, the super Liberals that are supporting Palestine have no clue what they are talking about and I loathe genuinely stupid people. For example, in this heated Facebook debate on the subject I made a comment about Palestine being guilty of killing innocent civilians and children in the past and some hyper Liberal retard told me that I was wrong and was the victim of propaganda. A loose definition of propaganda is something that is delivered as factual information but has the intention of leading its audience to support one side of an argument, or in other words it is somewhat false news with an agenda. Anyway, this hippy douche also posted a Youtube cartoon to show me the history of Palestinian suffering due to Israel and then the video tells the viewer to fight against Israel. So the fuckhead posted a propaganda video to prove that I was the victim of believing propaganda and I guarantee the guy is too stupid to even know that, even if somebody explained it to him.


Protip for hippies and liberals, you cannot debate by repeatedly making a blank statement. When someone posts news articles to support their opinions and states the solutions that they would approve of, repeatedly saying that Palestine has been oppressed for 70 years means nothing. I mean, thanks for telling me that even though I already knew it, I’ll call you back into the room if I need someone to point out everything I already know you fucking genius. And worst of all, the debate always ends with them saying some shit like, “If everyone would just stop fighting then there would be peace on Earth.” Are you serious? Somebody get the President on the line! Tell Obama that the key to stopping people from fighting is for people to stop fighting! Better yet, go tell that to the kindergarten teacher so she can give you a fucking sticker! Everyone claims they want peace on Earth but none of them actually put any thought into it. A world without conflict would be the most boring and meaningless existence because a major point of life is finding what you want and then deciding what you are willing to sacrifice in order to get it, and that’s war in a nutshell.


Second, Palestine’s government is an established terrorist organization. The preamble written in The Covenant of The Hamas is, “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.” No, not peacefully coexist or kindly ignore Israel, but “obliterate” it. Hamas was also one of the big supporters of Syrian rebels rising up against their president and beheading all non-believers in their path. Sure, their president is an asshole but the civil war to oust him turned into Islamic extremists pushing their own agenda to gain control of Syria. That’s also why I was a bit pissy over Obama’s original support for the rebels but happy when he withdrew it. And the people that say ISIS is just part of the civil war in Iraq and it should be allowed to happen haven’t seen the picture of a little 3 year girl in her flower dress, laying next to her severed head and her 13 year old brother screaming and crying as an ISIS member is beginning to slice into his neck. They are fucking batshit crazy terrorists and to support any sort of belief system that is that violent, even if an entire nation of people wants it, makes the supporter just as batshit crazy.


Third, at this point in time I am completely opposed to an established Islamic state. Both the original Bible and the Quran have verses telling believers to kill non-believers as does most religious crap, but the Quran is a bit guiltier than the Bible. And the current trend in the Middle East is for Muslim extremism to reign over all. So allowing an extremist group like Hamas to take over Israel or to even allow them to form their own recognized nation would be suicide for all “non-believers”. They would begin by establishing a nation where it was mandatory for all of its citizens to live under Sharia Law, and according to that law anyone that refused would be cruelly executed. All other forms of beliefs and education would be destroyed. They would be able to form their own established military and intelligence systems and form allies that would support them militarily and financially. And after a generation or two of raising and brainwashing an entire population into their violent beliefs they would be able to use their power and population to spread their radical beliefs around the world and kill anybody that disagreed. Islamic states have and do exist but I am opposed to one being started by Islamic extremists. Allowing that to happen would be the same as saying, “Welp, I guess it’s about time we get this whole World War III thing started.” Islam is fucked up right now. Does anybody remember last summer when over 100,000 Muslims in Egypt held a protest because Atheist bloggers had defamed Islam on their blogs, and they demanded that the bloggers be executed? It’s part of the reason that I really do believe the whole Benghazi thing was sparked by a Youtube video because those people actually are that stupid. But yeah, that’s where Islam in the Middle East is standing right now.


It sucks that terrorists are leading half of Palestine and that the civilians are the ones that have to pay the price, but that doesn’t mean that they should be allowed to have whatever they want. Palestine is always the one that avoids any sort of peace agreement, and their only terms for having peace is on the agreement that Israel follows Palestine’s rules, and that ain’t an agreement, it’s a demand.

Well this post was pretty long and unfunny but I am making myself write something everyday, and I don’t feel like I have anything all that funny to write about right now. But if you did actually read it all the way down to this paragraph then I would like to inform you of the fact that you just read a long piece of propaganda written for the purpose of making its readers support my beliefs. My brother will probably be a little pissed off if he reads this but deal with it bro.


(The picture I posted with this was tweeted by a Palestinian that was evacuating his home after Israel had dropped leaflets informing them that their neighborhood was going to be attacked. According to the guy that took the picture, this man was hanging children around a building so Israel would not bomb it. I’m not sure if that’s the true story behind the pic, but if it is then it shows why the Palestinian civilian death count is so high as well as how fucking loony their way of thinking is)


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