Operation Take Things Down a Snootch 12/11/13

Anyone that knows me personally knows that I am a barbarian of the gym that has attained the utmost of all hardcore physiques. Yesterday I blew a gasket in my left knee while pushing iron with the gumption of a God damn freight train and though the pain has died down from a roar to a rumble overnight, I’m still going to heed caution and stop pushing all that heavy ass weight.

So operation “Take Things Down a Snootch” has begun. Right now I weigh between 185 and 190, and I will not lift weights again until I am down between 160 and 165. I will continue to do a shitload of cardio and little exercise type stuff, but Bruce Lee mode is engaged.

I am naturally a little tiny guy with next to nil body fat. When I moved back here to Kearney in 2009 I only weighed around 150-ish or so because I got into running and cross fit, and my face was all skinny and my jawline was fucking immaculate and the bitches flocked and nibbled at my dingus like the salmon of Capistrano, but then the iron started calling me again and I beefed my muscle structure back up to its prime and all the bitches swam away. So now, now is the time that I reattain that sexy boy body with the abs, and the tight little buttocks, and that beautiful fucking jawline. That jawline, my God, that jawline.

(This is an unusually short post but this might become an ongoing updated thingy with pictures of my abs and maybe that fucking jawline, but I don’t know)