Random Thought About Homosexuality

My fancily labeled Deist thinking prevents me from arguing against lifestyles like foot worshipping, bestiality (it’s spelled ‘best’ not ‘beast’), face sitting, fart breathing, necrophilia, and whatever other weird but harmless shit some people are into. The thing that all of these weird “lifestyles” have in common is that they are sexual fetishes that have been accepted by their followers as being a way of life. Now, what if, just what if, homosexuality is nothing more than a fetish that has been accepted by its followers as a lifestyle?



People that share the same fetish tend to form groups with others that share their same interests and to support each other, they normally have websites that exploit their sexual desires through pictures and videos for the purpose of fapping to them, and the individual with the fetish usually suffers from stress while coming to terms with their unusual sexual desire for a specific body part, piece of clothing, age group, or maybe even their own gender. This sounds a lot like what a person with homosexual thoughts goes through. Also, a person normally develops a fetish due to something that happens to them in their youth and it has been shown that people who were molested by or had sexual encounters with members of their own gender during their childhood tend to grow into adults that have sexual interest in members of their own sex and maybe feelings of pedophilia as well. I think that’s part of the reason that lots of people think that homo equals pedo, but I think it’s because most older guys look like shit.



Take me for example. I am a devout ass man. If I am unable to find an attractive quality in a girl’s ass then it’s just not going to work between her and I. I mean, if her ass is too fat or too bony then shit starts going wrong and the bitch needs to be kicked to the curb. Not only that, but I dig girls with short hair. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a fetish because I’ve only ever actually dated one girl that had short hair, but the first three girls that I ever had a crush on as a child all had short hair now it enhances my chubbies. As a child I had crushes on these girls with short hair because they did cool things like play soccer with me and they were tomboys, but they gave me tingles and kiddy boners and that grew into me being an adult that likes shorthaired girls. Add the fact that I am a huge fitness freak and prefer fit ladies and you have a guy that likes muscular girls with a firm ass and short hair. With that list of sexual preferences the only thing that prevents me from jerking off to pictures of Justin Bieber is that her first name is Justin. I consider the fitness thing to be more of a preference to me but I can see how it’s a bit of a fetish. I might dig out unfit girls but I won’t date them, unless they’re rich or famous. But seriously, the only thing that keeps me from being gay is my distaste for body hair and peeners. 



The counter to the idea of homosexing being a fetish is that when I was a Pre-K teacher (true story) I saw a few kids that showed signs of being gay. The one that stands out the most was a five year old boy in Littleton Colorado named Cody that was athletic and bigger than the other kids his age, he looked perfectly normal, his parents dressed him like a boy, but he was gayer than MTV. The kid only hung out with other girls, he played dress-up and tea party, his favorite colors were pink and purple, for show and tell he brought his life sized Barbie doll head to show how he loved to brush her hair, and he looked at the other boys the same way the girls did. I excused myself to go to the bathroom when he began to brush his Barbie doll’s hair because I was laughing so hard that I feared losing bowel control. But what I’m saying is that he was only five years old and he was a boy, but in every way he was like a little girl. I don’t care what anyone says, a five year old is unable to choose whether they are gay or not. About 1 out of every 1,000 babies are born with Klinefelter syndrome or some sort of sexual defect and who’s to say that those defects can’t go past being physical, but are psychological as well. I really don’t think that being gay is genetic because it is impossible to create a child by having sex with someone of your own gender, so the gene wouldn’t exactly be easily past on because at least one of the participants in the baby making process would have to be at least moderately heterosexual.  



On a side note, this is a story that I’ve told to others several times but this five-year-old Cody kid was picked on by some of the other boys because he acted so girly. I can’t remember this one little Puerto Rican boy’s name and I got along with the kid, but he would pick on Cody whenever he got a chance. So one time while I was outside being the lord of the playground during recess, Cody came up to me whining like a bitch about the Puerto Rican boy picking on him. Now Cody was six inches taller than all of the other boys and could probably put up a good fistfight even with myself, so I told Cody to stick up for himself. Cody marched over to the Puerto Rican kid and laid him out with one punch. I had to call Cody’s dad because that was the school’s policy and I got in trouble for telling Cody to stick up for himself instead of putting the Puerto Rican kid in time-out, but when Cody’s dad came to pick him up from school, the dad shook my hand and gave me a little hug. He was happy that I had put Cody in a position where he had to give up his faggy ways in order to do something manly like punching another boy in the face. Even if this manliness only lasted for a moment, it made Cody’s father proud and he thanked me for it. Cody cried like a little girl that got mud on her dress while he climbed into the passenger side of his father’s truck, and his dad drove off with a little smile on his face. A good parent will love their child no matter what but that isn’t to say that it isn’t difficult for them.   



I’m sure that the idea of homosexuality being a fetish has been argued but I’ve never heard it before, and I think it’s a valid argument. Something that pisses me off about people that are against homosexuality or whatever else because of their religious beliefs is that they’re too fucking stupid to put up a legit argument to defend their opinions. This gay being a fetish thing is just something that I was pondering the other day when I was listening to Lady Gaga and watching “So You Think You Can Dance?” while nibbling on some Vanilla Wafers with yogurt and a cosmopolitan to wash it down with, and I thought that I should share it.


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