Us and Them

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It seems like everybody is pitted against each other these days. The only thing I see on the news and in commercials now is about keeping people away from your kids, keep people out of my house, how they are trying to harm me, how they are going to steal my identity, etc. I know that there have always been instances of crime, but I refuse to believe that it is constantly getting worse.

In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, the crime rate has been steadily declining ever since the mid 1990’s. There are signs of this decline everywhere and yet I am constantly bombarded with the idea that people are destroying each other and I am next in line. It’s a bunch of bullshit! I had my car broken into when I was in high school, I was friends with a girl that was abducted by a convict that was on the lamb, I have known a person that ended up murdering someone, and I’ve been involved in a very serious car accident that was alcohol related. Those are all very standard statistics that are given as reasons to not trust anyone, and yet I still refuse to turn into a pessimistic pussy that locks my doors and hides under my bed all day. Shit happens ya know.

There are definitely some real assholes in this world but those people are still the minority. By locking our doors and not trusting each other we are only giving that very small group of bad people a huge amount of power. It is the tail waving the dog. This all ties into the fact that we have put way to much trust into our government in terms of protecting us from ourselves, but I don’t want to type about that shit again. What I want to point out is this: everyone on this planet has the same goals in life. Sure some people have different religions and beliefs, but for the most part everyone is on the same quest for happiness and to live a fulfilling life. There is absolutely no logical reason as to why everyone cannot have some little piece of happiness in their life. This sounds like some hippy cockameemee bullshit, but I truly believe in it.

We can trust our neighbor because he basically has the same goals as we do, and there is no reason as to why we would not be able to help each other attain our goals. Everyone knows that goals are more easily achieved when people work together; we even grow up learning this in school. Then when we are all grown up, we’re thrown out into a dog eat dog world. Everyone tells younger people that the “real world” sucks because it is absolutely true.

We are the ones doing this shit to each other. If you are one of those people that passes the legless guy in a wheelchair that is holding up a sign saying: HOMELESS VETERAN, PLEASE HELP, and you think he is just another d-bag trying to scam you out of one gigantic fucking dollar bill, then consider yourself as being part of the problem. Even if he is just an alcoholic that fell asleep on the train tracks instead of being an actual veteran; he’s still worse off than you are. Why not give him a fucking dollar? True, everyone should have to put in some effort if we expect to live in a better world. But that doesn’t mean that you have to devolve into a selfish cocksucker whenever you see someone that isn’t pitching in.  Be the bigger man; that’s pretty rare to see someone being the bigger man these days.

Immigration is a prime example of people not working together. I have no problem with Mexican immigrants coming into America. In fact, I would consider them total fucking morons if they just sat around with their dicks in the dirt while they looked over at us living like kings. If I were living in a shitty Mexican dugout I would definitely take the risk of deportation or prison in order to have a better life. That’s really all that they are doing. This goes both ways though. We cannot assimilate another society of people if they are not willing to assimilate into our society. If any foreigner wants to move into our society then it is a must that they learn our language and our ways of living, not the other way around. That’s great if they want to march down an American street while waving a Mexican flag but they must still live under the rules of an American society. Anyway, why would they wave the flag of a country that was so incredibly shitty that they had to escape it? Immigration has responsibilities for both the immigrant and the society that is receiving them.

This blog is starting to not make sense to me right now because I’ve had 3 cups of coffee in 20 minutes and my roommate is asking me about my acting class as I type this. So fuck off, I’m gonna go pump it up at the James. I call the gym James instead of gym because it is all business when I workout and I want to keep it on a business level between me and my James. I think I’m going to post some actual pictures of me in a few months. I’m working my ass off to get huge and ripped right now so I want to show off my results. I might even put up naked pictures so I can get some feedback on my penis lengthening routine. Either way I will definitely be oiled, shaved, and wearing make up in the beautiful photographs that I choose to display.

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