The ‘N’ word

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The “N word” was laid to rest once again here in Colorado at Manuel High School the other day. There was also a previous funeral for the evil and dubious “N-word” held by the NAACP in Detroit this summer. My question to these bereaved onlookers of the racial slur is this: Are you such a fucking idiot that you think a mock burial for a word is going to do anything other than make the word even funnier to use in a sentence? Not only that, but the fact that everyone, even the media that reported the funeral, still had to refer to it as the “N-word” clearly shows that there is no sign of the word being dead.

There are few things that will actually go away if you ignore them, but words fall into that category. The word “humbug” was just as bad as the word “bullshit” at one time, but because people stopped saying it as often it’s power and meaning eventually died. So tell Fifty-Cent and all those other hardcore rappers that are boosting the image of black, I mean African-American, society to stop using the damn word in every other sentence and just maybe you’ll accomplish the task of killing the word. Or here’s an even better idea, stop giving so much power to the word. Maybe if whenever someone blurted out the word nigger (I can say nigger now because it really is a dead language) people didn’t instantly get hyper offended, then saying the word would eventually lose all of its purpose. It would be like calling someone a doo-doo face in order to offend them because the word wouldn’t have any power.

Another thing that I didn’t fully understand is why the black casket that was supposed to be containing the word nigger only had a mirror in it. I’m sure there was some super intelligent and well thought out symbolic meaning in it, but I took it as meaning that everyone who looked in the coffin was supposed to see a nigger staring back at them. That right there is really fucking weird and I’d actually be a little offended by it. I’ll just skip making fun of that part because I don’t get it.

You know, I have some shit to do right now so I’m just going to cut this blog short. If you’re offended by a word, then just stop fucking saying it you fucking moron. Don’t make the word even stronger by holding little bullshit funerals and ceremonies because you want it to die, because that just gives people even more reason to say it. You just stop saying it yourself because that’s the best you can do. The word “Troglodyte” used to be an offensive way of calling someone stupid, but because people stopped saying it, most people don’t even know what it means anymore. Stop saying the word “Nigger” and it will eventually lose it’s meaning too.

On a side note, if you should be sharing drinks with your friends in a bar this weekend, I think you should probably dedicate a drink to the memory of the word nigger. Even though it was a very dirty and offensive word, it was still the victim of a very sudden and unexpected death. You should also dedicate a drink to the word “sick” this weekend too. I’ve gotten extremely fucking tired of people using the word “sick” to describe something that’s cool, so I snuck up behind the word and beat it to death with a niggerstick (that’s an old racist word used to describe a nightstick, and they forgot to bury it).

Okay, I’m adding onto this because I just had an argument with my expensive female African-American hair stylist at Super Cuts about this topic. She believed that having a funeral for a word would truly convince people that using the “N-word” was wrong because the word didn’t exist anymore. My response to that was, huh? I’m going back to calling it the “N-word” because despite the fact that the word is dead and buried, I am still not allowed to say it. So that fact alone disproves the success of having a lame ass mock burial for the “N-word” because it still offends people.

I’m going to look past the whole word thing now. Even if you kill the “N-word”, you don’t kill the idea. Racist people will just keep on using the word or they’ll create a new one that’s just as offensive as dropping the N-bomb, because despite the fact that the “N-word” is dead, they’ll still be just as racist as before the word was executed and laid to rest.

Believe it or not, but the “N-word” was actually at one time considered the proper term for African-Americans. I don’t mean that black people were all *iggers at one time, I just mean that’s what everyone, including black people, called the darker complexioned races of people. Then that word was deemed offensive, so the word ‘negro’ was used instead. Then the word ‘negro’ was considered evil, so the term ‘black’ came about. Now the word ‘black’ is inappropriate, so the term African-American must be used or else you are considered to be racist. Despite all of these petty and meaningless changes to words and terms, there are still racist people in the country. How about everybody stops trying to change everything on the surface so it looks and sounds all friendly, and people actually start trying to change the way people think.

I go back to the whole idea of ignoring something until it goes away. Now if you’ve ever worked with little kids, which I have, then you will notice that they all play together and cooperate despite any racial differences, no matter how obvious they are. Then just as soon as an adult puts the idea into a kid’s head that a certain color of skin is bad, then the kid immediately starts acting racist towards that group of people. I’m not sure exactly how to do it, but if we just kept the whole racial thing away from the youngest generations, then it wouldn’t even become an issue with them. The whole idea of racial differences would just die away. However, the problem with that solution is that it would require personal responsibility among adults to not teach racism to kids. And we all know that in this day and age, personal responsibility is a long lost art among American adults.

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