I want to have a ding-dong like King-Kong

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

This is a very private blog entry. I was looking at naughty pictures on the internet when a pop-up about a penis enlargement exercise program came up on the screen. I’ve read several articles and even some medical tests of various penile enhancement pills, pumps, and surgeries. None of them work. The pills are temporary, the pumps are for old guys and diabetics, and the surgery actually backfires because the scar build up will eventually shrink a guy’s dick. Now I don’t have a small penis, it’s actually pretty average. I’ve even been told that it’s a little thicker than average, but I want it to scare girls. I really looked into the exercise thing and according to several websites and articles, it is the only way to actually get a big juicy cock growing out of your lap. I know how to download some pay sites for free, so I downloaded 4 different penis enhancement exercise sites. I am confident that it will work because all four sites told me to do the exact same exercises with my wang. So now I am on a quest. I am already into the whole bodybuilding thing so I just added this exercise thing right before I shower after my workouts. I promised my roommate that I would keep him up to date on my progress. I have been doing this very serious and intense penis enlargement exercise program for two days, and my fuck stick already feels like it got ran over by a train. Not to mention the giant puddle of baby oil and Vaseline that is already building up next to the bathtub. I have full confidence in this enhancement program though. I’ll have a dick that’ll make the bitches sick. By the way, if you want to know a little about how to do it, just Google the word “Jelqing”. That will tell you most of it.

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