Wednesday, October 04, 2006

If by some freak coincidence you happen to drive a brand new red Chevy Silverado that is extremely oversized and has two 7 foot long “whipper” antennas, chrome side-steps, a piss on Ford sticker, a vote for “W” bumper sticker, both a “Go Huskers” and “Support Our Troops” ribbon magnets, a silver roll bar, and a chrome cattle guard on the front; you were driving 20 mph in a 45 mph this morning.  I am the operator of the little silver Malibu that was driving right on your ass for 20+ minutes. You kept looking back at me like I was being a prick or something, but you were driving 25 miles under the speed limit. I was late for work and I nearly pissed my pants because of you. You are an insecure redneck bitch that needs to go back to the hills and spend your day ramming corncobs up your ass! Your mother is probably a Cyclops due to the enormous amount of incest and hepatitis that your shithead family has swimming around in its dubious gene pool. So hear this you shit-kicking cowboy cocksucking “I’m a true patriot” fucking retard:  I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

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