Funny names for body parts

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Vagina: box, cunt, bush, carpet, hoo-hah, yum-yum, hatchet wound, cootch, cootchie, snatch, snootch, hot pocket, rod pocket, beaver, wood chipper, pussy, kitty, the correct hole, slit, slot, wet spot, stinky, pink, uterine portal, pleasure portal, baby maker, the oven, tuna can, fish net, nasty shit, slimer, piston greaser, creator of humans, blood belcher, naughty spot, bread winner, jungle book, furry checkbook, hallway, canyon, ick, the catcher, receiver, tube, good entertainment, fun, cellar, cock socket

Penis: dick, dong, ding-dong, cock, rod, Johnson, Peter, Jimmy, pussy plunger, uterus puncher, beef, beef stick, salt steak, pepperoni, sausage, hot dog, dog, heat, gun, meat, hog, schlong, knob, love warrior, purple helmet, mushroom, wiener, boner, bone, one-eye, Cyclops, the little man, big thumb, fart hammer, nail, chocodile, womb raider, phallic, the pitcher, quarterback, hangdown, play maker

Breasts: knockers, jugs, cans, tits, waddies, shwag waddies, flapjacks, jack-dogs, bazookas, guns, lungs, milkers, milk duds, saddle bags, Chester’s, boulders, feeders, balls of fat, mammaries, squishies, globes, naturals/fakies, hangers, danglers, sweater puppies, melons, bottles, udders, basketballs, evolutionary  masterpieces, areola face, pan-daddy’s

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