Dear Facebook Diary (3/7/12)

I notice people posting random statements about their life on here, and being the exhibitionist that I am, I will do the same but with more detail. Today I went to class and stared at a lame video while trying to take notes but my pen was running out of ink. Then I went back to my apartment and played some Scrabble while browsing some internet porn that I wasn’t really interested in, and then I went to work. I’ve been wearing my poopy pants today because a girl that I was interested in recently used me to get back at her boyfriend or some kind of bullshit, but I’m more interested in another young lady so I’m okay with it now. At the moment I’m sipping some cheap gin mixed with Crystal Lite until I feel tired but it’s not working. It’s cheap gin because I lost my debit card inside my apartment on Sunday and I got tired of looking for it, so I went to the bank and asked them to send me a new debit card. I have money in my checking account but I feel broke because I have to go to the bank in order to get cash until I get my new card. It’s such a privileged white person problem but it still pisses me off. And hence worth furthermore, there is a commercial with some latino lady that is over pronouncing her words with a latin accent to describe a movie she made for the Sundance film festival or something and it annoys the living poops out of me every time I see/hear it and I’ve seen it like ciento times today.

P.S. I think I’m going to write one of these whenever possible because I really do feel better now.

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