Dear Facebook Diary (3/14/12)

Right now I am procrastinating with my studies. I need to read part of chapter 5 or something because I have to take a quiz on it tomorrow morning. I procrastinate because I already know that I’m going to fail the quiz. That’s a really negative way of thinking but I have to tell you Facebook Diary, you would fail Jack’s quiz too no matter how much you studied. The weather was nice today so I took off my shirt and dusted off the gun rack by going on a walk n’ jog with my masculine upper body on full display to the public. I received a honk and a “woohoo!” from some underaged girls that I would most likely pursue if I didn’t live in America and that was a nice little kiss on my ego’s cheek. I saw Jacey rollerblading just like she said she would be doing when I talked to her this morning. I waved and wanted to stop and chat but I had to be at work in 30 minutes so I ignored her and continued with my cardio macho march while keeping my head down.

In summary, what the fuck? Why are my days so effing boring? I get out of bed, I go to class, I fail a test, I workout, I go to work, I do homework with a gin and tonic in hand, I go to bed, and it all starts over again. I’m going to Denver this weekend but Christ alive do I need something new in my life. Speaking of Christ, Santorum won the primaries in the racist states today. Santorum is one backwards thinking religious zealot fucking nuthouse that has no business being in politics. I genuinely loath people that don’t believe in evolution. If I actually believed that there was an all powerful god that would momentarily turn his attention away from all of the important problems in the universe to hear my prayer, the only thing that would ask him is if he would save me from his followers. Amen

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